We Are A Digital Marketing Agency With Real Mission

At Ktizō, we understand how busy your week can be. You should be doing things you are great at, selling your product or skills and not watching another Youtube video explaining how to do something related to your online presence. You were gifted with amazing skills, you should spend the most time using those. 

We have other amazing skills that you can rent out.

And because we are a small organisation, we are cost-effective and dedicated to every client we have, like a family member.

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Web design, development and management

Our platform of choice is Wix, which allows the creation of beautiful websites in a fast way. We manage the whole process and deliver on time for your convenience. 

Social media management

We help you to get on top of the best way of communicating with your visitors and customers where they are, and they are much more on social media than on some websites.

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Integrations and other apps

Every organisation now uses several tools, Mailchimp, Gmail, Ms Office, PayPal, Zoom, Xero, Linnworks, Shipstation, Trello... the list goes on. We love when things are integrated and work together for the benefit of your organisation. We help with the onboarding and integration of those tools.

Ecommerce Consulting

Whether you are already sell online or just want to start, we have perfect help for you. Website, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, we have done it all. Let's chat about your project and how we can help you.

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