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At Ktizo we understand how busy the church ministry can become. We have been there, we work for churches. In the mids of ministry, prayer meetings and needing to be available for so many people, it is hard to find time to think about websites. So, the websites have old information on them, newsletters and reminders are sent on Friday afternoons, and contact details are out of date.

Ktizo is here to help. 

Acts 6:1–6 speaks of how some in the church community were neglected because of the demands of the ministry. The disciples decided to choose the seven men to help them in those duties so that disciples could give their attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.

Ktizo is here to help with those tasks so that you could focus on your ministry.

Image by Krisztian Tabori

Web design, development and management

We create and develop websites in Wix, which lowers costs and speeds up the process. It also allows the churches to easily take over when our services are no longer needed.

Social media management

We help you to get on top of the best way of communicating with your church family. We all know that people on average spend more time on social media than in the church.

Image by Christian Wiediger
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Integrations and other apps

Every church now uses a number of tools, Mailchimp, Churchsuite, Gmail, Ms Office, PayPal, Zoom, Xero... the list goes on. We love when things are integrated and work together for the benefit of your church community. We help with the onboarding and integration of those tools in your ministry.


We understand that church budgets are always stretched and websites are not always the primary concern. You need money for ministry, to paint the church hall, to pay for printers, and those rising energy costs.

If you don't have money in your budget, let it not stop you. We work with some generous leaders who could help you with the bill. Let's have a conversation first.


Why do we care?

We are professionals who are saved. We care for the Church and its ministry. We understand that the harvest is plentiful and workers are few, so we are here to use our skills to help you tend to the harvest.

Why should you care?

Less than 10% of the people in England are a part of the church, yet many of the remaining 90% have questions that Jesus can answer. As with everything, people come to Google and search for those answers. Sometimes they will find a church but no website or information about it. Sometimes the information is outdated. People often interact with beautiful websites and images in their daily life, and then they find so many of the church websites that do not share the same standards.

The church website is like the main door to the church.

Most of those church doors are old, wooden, heavy, stuck on this particular floor tile, squicky, hidden by the bush, at the end of a path of uneven stones, badly lit, closed to the public, unwelcoming.

Likewise, bad websites are uninviting, not updated, slow, and look badly on a mobile phone when most people access the internet. 

Why Ktizo?

We aim to create church websites that encourage people to come for the first time or maybe come back after walking away. Our projects are well-researched and driven by best practices. Our thinking and practice are holistic. 


20-22, Wenlock Road

N1 7GU


United Kingdom

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