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Website from scratch - Oakleigh Community Church

Oakleigh Community Church

Setting up a website for Oakleigh Community Church was such a pleasure. The community is loving, caring and welcoming. Their old website was one page of information formatted like a word document.

Mike Pavlou, a vicar of Oakleigh Community Church, got in touch with Mack and said

- Mack, Do you know anybody who can do websites?

- Funny that you ask, Mike. I do.

After an hour-long conversation, the plan was drawn. Upon presenting a proposal, Mike just said, “I trust your skills. If you say it's good, I take it.”

We did have a few minor changes in wording here and there and a few changes regarding images.

In total website was completed within the week.

The primary needs for the websites were:

  • To show the openness of the church through the website.

  • To invite new people to join the church.

  • To display a range of activities that happen in the community.

  • To be easy to update.

  • To be low maintenance.

Gladly we can say that all those objectives were achieved.

A particular great outcome was observed through the page I’m New.

Such pages aim to give a clear path for those who have never come to the church and are worried about making the first step. There are always many questions and doubts.

  • In just over 8 months, 500 people visited the church website, a massive reach and opportunity for a church of about 100 people.

  • I’m New page was the most popular and drew over 200 guests.

  • 74% of visits were on mobile phones, which adds to the importance of an optimised website for mobile phones.

Have a look at the pages we designed:

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